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About ICX

Our National Telecommunication network Architecture is based on three layers. Where ICX's in the second layer. ICXs are connected with IGWs and Access Network Service (ANS) operators. According to IDLTS Policy, all International Voice Calls including VoIP will be routed (Terminated to and Originated from Bangladesh) through Interconnection Exchanges (ICXs) and International Gateways (IGWs). Domestic inter operator voice call services will be routed through ICXs. ICX improves quality of voice services; ensures balanced traffic among all operators and easy access for telecom operators to national telecom network. It also helps keeping records of all calls, thereby helping authority to identify and monitor any calls, identifying, monitoring & locating movement of miscreants. ICX can help to reduce mobile phone stealing by implementing International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI). By enabling number portability ICX can facilitate the service of changing mobile network without changing mobile number.


Bangla Telecom

Bangla Telecom Ltd. is an Interconnection Exchange (ICX) telecom operator of a large group of companies, one of the leading conglomerates of Bangladesh. Bangla Telecom Ltd. (BTL) an Inter Connection Exchange (ICX) operator which obtained license in April 2012. BTL have three (3) exchanges (PoP) in operations, one (1) exchange in Dhaka, while other two (2) are located in Bogra and Sylhet. The BTL ICX routes inter operator Domestic calls & SMS/MMS and routes Incoming and Outgoing International calls between ANSs and International Gate Ways (IGWs).